“I have been drawing and painting for longer than I care to remember. Over many years I have done hundreds of portraits. At one time I worked from life, but this had its problems, because not everyone who wants their portrait painted has the time to sit in front of the artist as he creates the likeness. Hours of sitting still in a studio can be a very boring experience. Then I remembered David Hockney’s books about even the greatest artists using mechanical devices to create likenesses in their portraits. Leonardo, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Raphael, and many others, all used a camera obscura, a camera lucida, convex mirrors or various lenses to ensure almost photographic accuracy in their paintings. This applied to both facial likenesses and perspective. 
“So it struck me that using a photograph would be  ideal to get someone’s portrait done in a very efficient and economical way. The subject is released from hours of boredom and the artist (i.e. me) has the convenience of having something to work from whenever he (i.e. me again ) is in a creative mood.”
Ray has also taught art for a very long time. 
“Everyone can learn to paint and draw. Yes, I mean everyone.” 
Ray says it’s all about teasing out the inate creativity that we all have. 
“After a brief chat about the principals, I then go through the process with you step by step to get it down in a pleasing and harmonious way. You’ll surprise yourself once you’ve discovered how creative you really are. 
“But please remember that I’m not promising to turn every student into a Rembrandt or a Michelangelo. However I can assure everyone that they’ll take home a painting they’ve created themselves and that they’re very satisfied with — even proud of.”
Ray is an Australian artist and art teacher who lives permanently in SW France. He has had exhibitions in South Africa, Australia and France. Ray has a masters degree in fine arts and he specialises in portraits of all kinds, working from photographs you provide — either of yourself or of someone you know or love. 
Ray can also paint a portrait of other personalities you may like to choose. Whether pop-star, leader, sports personality or famous historical figure, just email a good quality photo that you have taken (or found on the internet) and Ray will give you a quote.
Painting en plean air
With watercolour, let the water do its work
Ray in his studio with portrait of Lynne

Painting a pigeonnier near La Petite Galerie

Breaking for lunch after a hard morning’s work.

Look what we did today

Ray’s biggest painting
Ray will paint your portrait if you like
Ray with large Adam & Eve
Kids love painting - and they can all do it.
With Armand Fallières
Ray with Salome

Ray's Portraits done from photographs

Two more examples of how a portrait is painted from the photo you submit.



Monday, December 7, 2020

One of the difficulties almost any artist who is interested in figurative and portrait painting comes across sooner or later has always been the problem of finding a model.

For example, one or more of the following issues will invariably need to be addressed.

* What’s in if for the model?

What fees should the artist or model expect to pay or receive?
Who owns the painting?
When and where can the artist and model work?
What happens if or when the painting sells? 
Luckily, I’ve found a solution that suits both my style and my temperament.

Some years ago, my wife Lynne stated unequivocally that she was finished with sitting for me as my model. “It's boring, very time consuming and the results are never flattering,” she said. “I don’t have a say in it, and you always make me look like a fucking monkey. So find yourself another model.”

Of course she was right and remains so. Modelling is mind numbingly monotonous.

Fortunately, just after this ultimatum, I had a lightbulb moment: PHOTOGRAPHY.

Taking a snap is neither boring nor time consuming, and I managed to get her to stand still for a few moments while I took her picture.

Then I painted her portrait from the photograph.

And I liked the result.

So that’s what I do now with anyone who wants their portrait painted.

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