Commissioned portrait prices are:
Watercolour, one figure: 
300 Euros size 30 x 40 cms.
Acrylic, one figure: 
500 Euros size 54 x 65 cms.
All the paintings on this site are for sale. They are all individually marked next to the painting or drawing. All prices include packing, shipping and tracking number. TO ANY ADDRESS IN THE WORLD.
This is very simple. It works just like buying a book on Amazon or a painting on Saatchi online. Just choose the painting you like. Check all the details like size, medium and price. When you’ve decided it’s exactly what you want, press the “Move to Cart” button. Fill in all the details: your name, address and method of payment. Then press the “Buy Now” button. When your payment is received, the painting will be sent to you at the address you have given.
Short answer: YES. But the address, if it's not yours, needs to be accurate, and someone needs to be available to sign for the safe delivery of the painting. ALSO, Ray will send a quality card with the painting containing your message to the recipient.
All part of the deal, and ideal for Christmas, weddings, birthdays and all gift giving events.
To commission your own portrait, or the portrait of another person, send Ray a good quality colour photo of the person concerned.
Then please answer the following questions:
1. What medium? Watercolour on paper (300 Euros) or acrylic paint on canvas or board (500 Euros).
2. What size? Regular sizes are approximately, 30x40cms for watercolour, and 54x65 cms for acrylic on canvas or board.
Ray will email you a quote which will be the same as any paintings of similar size and medium on this site.
Please be sure that your photo reflects exactly what you want. Ray cannot change it, and the portrait will be a very close copy of the photograph you supply. So the better the photo, the better the painted likeness. Ray will email you with some points to consider. Once you have decided on your portrait, a 25% deposit is needed for him get started painting the portrait. When it is finished, he will email you a photo of the final portrait. Then, when the balance is paid, the painting will be dispatched to the address you have provided. For a painting of someone else, the same process applies. Start by sending the photo you have chosen to Ray with full details on the Contact Form.
Simply select the painting of choice and click the “Buy Now” button. Enter your details and method of payment. As soon as the money is received, the painting will be parcelled up and despatched to the address you have provided. You will then receive an email with full details, including the tracking number so that you can follow the progress of your painting.
A bank transfer or PayPal are the preferred methods to pay for a painting.
PayPal or your bank transfers the money to Ray’s bank.
When he is notified that the transfer is complete, he sends the artwork to the address you have provided.
It’s fast, secure and reliable.
If you’d like to pay by cheque, that’s fine, but it will take longer (often quite a bit longer) because it uses regular postal services. Once your cheque is received, it will be banked. As soon as the money is transferred, your painting will be dispatched to your address and a tracking number will be emailed to you.
On the day it is posted, you will get an email with full details and the tracking number so that you can follow the painting’s progress.
Everything. The painting, naturally, but also postage, packing, insurance and tracking. There are no extras to pay.
Some paintings are framed, but most are not.
The collector/buyer is responsible for framing.
Framed paintings are clearly marked "FRAMED AND READY TO HANG".
Artworks are sent to you by Colissimo, an arm of the French government Post Office, known as La Poste. A tracking number will be sent to you and you can keep track of your painting’s progress on the Colissimo website.
This depends on where you are in the world. Also, remember that COVID 19 has had a disrupting impact on postage and delivery. But normally shipping takes 2 to 3 weeks from door to door. Sometimes paintings are delayed for customs inspections, although this is rare. A certificate of authenticity is included with the artwork to facilitate getting the painting through customs as efficiently as possible. The Christmas season can also have an impact. So the best advice is to allow about a month for delivery, but your painting could arrive much sooner.
Only high grade artist quality, heavy duty watercolour paper and canvas is used. And only the best quality acrylic and professional watercolour pigments.
Watercolour paintings are rolled up and sent in a sturdy, heavy duty cardboard tube.
Some paintings might be sent flat in a heavy cardboard sleeve.
Large paintings on canvas or board are wrapped in bubble wrap and enclosed in a heavy duty cardboard carton.
Yes, and Ray can include a card with a message from you. Simply use the contact form to provide full details of who it’s going to and what you want to say on the card.
Example of text on card:
"For Jane. Happy 21st birthday on 8 May. Love from Mum & Dad."
This would be a very rare occurrence. But please take photos and make precise notes of any damage so that a claim can be made.
Acrylic paintings are measured from edge to edge. Watercolour painting dimensions are the size of the paper, so there is always a white border from the edge of the painted area and the edge of the paper.